It is always first worth checking with your GP whether you could be referred for free NHS counselling or psychotherapy and how long you might have to wait for this. You can also self-refer at local IAPT service – VitaMinds in Calderdale.

At Room Inside, the general fee for adult clients is on a sliding scale from £40 – £50 per session depending on your financial circumstances.

To make therapy as accessible as possible, a percentage of spaces is reserved with the concessionary rate of £35 per session. There has been a high demand for these spaces recently so you may have to wait to start therapy. Please note that concessionary contracts have now been limited to a maximum of 20 sessions to cut down on waiting times. If you feel this rate applies to you please feel welcome to ask about availability when you first make contact.

Fees for young people (aged 16 – 25) in full-time education or training are £35 per session.

If you are in receipt of benefits or relying on a state pension, a limited number of contracts are offered at £30 per session but these might be limited to a maximum of 6 sessions at busy times.

A useful way of working out the right fee for your therapy sessions might be to ask yourself how much, rather than how little, you can afford to pay.

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