Our main aim at Room Inside is to provide more affordable therapy for clients who might otherwise find it too expensive to sustain for the number of sessions they would like to have. Not starting or feeling obliged to end therapy due to worries about the cost can be a real barrier.

It is always worth checking with your GP whether you could be referred for free NHS counselling or psychotherapy and how long you might have to wait for this.

The general fee scale for our adult clients is between £35-45 per session. Fees for young people in full-time education or training are between £25-30.

If you are low-waged, on an irregular contract, work part-time due to child-care or similar, are or in receipt of benefits or a state pension, we can usually offer a limited number of £30 per session spaces but you may need to wait for these to be available.

As we don’t feel it is appropriate to ask you personal questions about your income when starting therapy, trust is an important factor in terms of what fee is appropriate. A useful way of working out how much therapy sessions at Room Inside would cost for you might be to ask yourself how much rather than how little you can afford to pay.

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