Will it be helpful for me?

When contacting us at Room Inside, you can be confident that you will receive the same quality of respect, kindness, professionalism and skill that we would expect from a therapist if we were seeking one ourselves.

We work with a diverse range of clients in terms of their age, sexuality, gender, social, cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Many of our clients have never been to a therapist before so it is especially important to us that your experience is a helpful and positive one.

We also work with clients who bring a range of different issues: some are coming to terms with the on-going impact of serious childhood trauma or abuse, others are going through severe stress at work or with their partner or family, others are experiencing depression or anxiety, some are feeling out of touch with themselves or have lost a sense of meaning in their lives. There isn’t a scale for pain or difficulty. We all have different challenges and can sometimes feel at a complete loss. An experienced therapist will support you while you are developing ways to move onto firmer ground until you are more confident and able to continue by yourself.

At Room Inside we have regular reviews throughout therapy so that you can feel in control of the process. By reviewing early on, normally in session 3, it usually becomes clear whether or not working with a particular therapist feels right and is going to be helpful for you.

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