What’s the point of going to a therapist?

Therapists are trained to listen.  Sometimes confiding in friends and family isn’t enough, or you might be concerned about burdening them or issues around privacy. Sometimes it’s your relationships with others that can be the main cause of your problems. You might need a separate space in order to feel safe or confident enough to explore your difficult feelings or experiences.

Therapy is a collaborative relationship. Its purpose is to focus on the quality of support you need to find a way forward. Therapists understand the importance of listening. When you are being listened to very carefully this can be healing in itself. Our training in psychological theory can provide fresh insight and understanding for the challenges you may be facing. Therapy can also help you develop interpersonal skills and self-awareness and strengthen feelings of hope and resilience going forward. At Room Inside, we are committed to the value of therapy in itself but we can also be down to earth about it – we understand that you might simply have a problem that you’d like help with.

Sometimes you might need a therapist in the same way that you might need a plumber. It may be an emergency. But it doesn’t have to be an emergency before you contact us. Looking after your mental and emotional health and well-being is a valuable investment. It impacts on everything else in your life.

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