Please feel free to  Contact us  and arrange a free introductory session so you can find out if Room Inside is for you.

Individual Therapy:

If, after this session, you decide to continue with us, a time-scale and fee will then be agreed for your future therapy sessions. This will vary depending on the length of therapy you wish to undertake.

The standard rate for open-ended or longer term work is on a sliding scale, usually somewhere between £30 – £45

However, our commitment to providing more accessible therapy for those on lower incomes means that we are offering as many lower cost contracts as we can.

The rates for these are currently between £20 & £30 per session, depending on availability, for a maximum of twelve sessions. You can arrange less if you wish.

We know from experience that this form of short term, focused therapy can be very effective for a wide range of difficulties. This way of working can also give you control of the issues you wish to work on, a way in which you can measure your own progress and a means with which to be clear of the overall costs involved.

If you decide to carry on with your therapy beyond these first twelve sessions, you are very welcome, but we will start a new contract with you and we will ask you to pay rates according to those on our standard sliding scale. We will do this so that we can still continue offering lower cost sessions to new clients.

We hope it goes without saying that you will receive the same quality of service from us whatever you pay.

Group Therapy

We can provide group therapy sessions, led by a qualified therapist with experience in group work. These cost £15 a session. Each session lasts 1½ hours with a maximum of 8 people taking part.  Please let us know if it’s a group you’re looking for. We can discuss this further with you at your introductory session.

At present Room Inside has spaces available in the week, Monday – Friday, between 9am and 6:30pm.

We ask for a minimum of 48 hours notice if you cancel an appointment. Cancellations with shorter notice may need to be paid for with the full session fee.