We are very pleased to have managed to keep the same fee scale for the past year. Our commitment to making therapy as accessible as possible remains. Due to an increase in our practice costs, however, we will need to make these changes for new clients starting from February 2018.

These changes will not affect existing clients.

We offer a free introductory session (30 – 40 mins) so you can meet with one of us face to face and make an informed decision about whether Room Inside is for you.  Please Contact us here  to arrange it.

Our main sliding scale from 1st February 2018:

Adults £30 – £40 per session (50 or 60 mins)

Young people and f/t students £25 – £30 per session (45 or 50 mins)

We can each still provide a limited number of further reductions if necessary i.e. £25 per session for adults, and £20 for young people and students.

We will always endeavour to come to an agreement with you regarding fees for counselling. Please ask us about this at your introductory session.